Your Gateway to New Horizons

At ECOM'21, we believe in the transformative power of connections. Our annual Baltics Fintech and eCommerce Conference is more than an event; it's a bridge between the dynamic realms of Fintech and eCommerce. As we embark on this journey, let's delve into the essence of how ECOM'21 is an immersive experience designed to create real connections, foster hands-on learning, and provide lasting value. 


Key Premises: Where Innovation Meets Collaboration


1. Main Stage: Insights Unveiled
Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of industry insights as our Main Stage plays host to a stellar lineup of thought leaders, experts, and visionaries. Through engaging speakers and enlightening panels, you'll gain firsthand knowledge of the latest trends and future developments.

2. Workshops: Hands-On Learning
We understand the importance of practical knowledge. ECOM'21 stands out by offering engaging workshops where attendees can immerse themselves in hands-on learning experiences. These workshops go beyond theoretical discussions, empowering participants with actionable insights and skills that they can implement in their professional journeys.

3. Speed Networking: Face-to-Face Connections
In a world where digital interactions often dominate, ECOM'21 places a premium on face-to-face connections. Accelerate your networking journey through our Speed Networking sessions. Engage in 1-1 sessions with key decision-makers in the industry, pitching your business and forging connections that can shape the future of your endeavors.

4. Exhibition Zone: Showcase Your Brand
Step into the spotlight at our Exhibition Zone, where you can showcase your brand, products, and innovations. Build recognition among industry peers, potential partners, and decision-makers as you present your offerings in a visually engaging and interactive environment.

5. Networking App: Seamlessly Connect
Unlock the power of networking with our dedicated app. Seamlessly connect with fellow attendees, schedule meetings, view profiles, and upload your company information. The Networking App ensures that your ECOM'21 experience is not just informative but also conducive to meaningful connections.

6. Evening Parties: Unwind and Network
After a day filled with insights and networking, unwind at our Evening Parties. Immerse yourself in a relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by great music and refreshing drinks. It's the perfect setting to foster connections in a more casual and enjoyable environment.


Creating Value for All

At the core of ECOM'21 is the commitment to create value for everyone involved. Whether you're a speaker, exhibitor, partner, or attendee, our goal is to ensure that your participation goes beyond the event itself.


Your Invitation to ECOM'21

Embark on the ECOM'21 journey – where partnerships take center stage, ideas come to life, and the future of eCommerce and Fintech unfolds. We look forward to welcoming you to this unparalleled experience!