Why Speak at ECOM21?

Elite Audience Engagement: Take center stage in front of 600+ attendees, predominantly C-level and senior management, ready to dive into the discussions that matter.


Spotlight Your Innovations: Share your journey, the highs, the lows, and everything in between, in front of an audience that's seen it all but is always hungry for more.

Expand Your Reach: With 50+ partners and representation from 30+ countries, the networking possibilities are endless and truly international.


Be Among the Best: Join a curated lineup of 60+ speakers, including industry experts and thought leaders, in delivering keynotes, leading panel discussions, and facilitating hands-on workshops that drive the fintech and e-commerce ecosystems forward.


An Audience Ready to Listen: They're here, like you, for the nitty-gritty of fintech and e-commerce, ready to engage, question, and yes, network the old-fashioned way.

2024 Topics and Agenda

This year, ECOM21 focuses on four pivotal themes, setting the stage for deep dives, critical analyses, and forward-looking discussions:

Trends in Payments: Explore the evolving landscape of digital payments, including innovations, security challenges, and regulatory impacts.


Product Development: Delve into how fintech and e-commerce products are conceptualized, developed, and brought to market in a rapidly changing environment.


Automation: Unpack the role of automation and AI in transforming operations, decision making, and competitive advantage.


Blockchain: From cryptocurrencies to supply chain innovations, discuss the expansive impact of blockchain technology across sectors.

We're Looking for Voices Like Yours

We’re casting our net wide but looking for depth. We’re on the hunt for speakers who can cut through the noise – thought leaders, doers, and even skeptics of fintech and e-commerce. Whether your forte is Payments, Product Development, Automation, or Blockchain, if you have a story that resonates with authenticity, we’re all ears.

Thinking of stepping up?

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