ECOM'21's Dynamic Partnership with Nordic Fintech Magazine

02 July 2024

Unlocking Global Reach

As we reflect on our rewarding  collaboration between ECOM'21 and Nordic Fintech Magazine (NFM), we invite you to dive into some of the insight rich  content produced together at ECOM21 2023. The ECOM21 Archives on the NFM website captured the vibrancy and essence of ECOM21 bringing to life the synergies of combining content media with an outstanding speaker lineup and a thrilling event.

NFM: A Global Platform

Nordic Fintech Magazine is  a global platform that elevates Nordic and Baltic fintech internationally, reaching a readership of over 188,000 worldwide. Our  partnership extends beyond the confines of  ECOM'21, offering you a unique opportunity to showcase your  brand, at the forefront of one of the world's most dynamic fintech ecosystems, in the lead-up, during, and after the conference. Position yourself as an international thought leader by contributing to NFM alongside ECOM'21. The cross-pollination of ideas between our platforms amplifies your reach and establishes you as a key player in the global conversation around eCommerce and Fintech


Extended Shelf-Life

Through NFM, your content gains an extended shelf-life, ensuring that your insights and thought leadership remain  long after ECOM'21 concludes. This longevity provides a continuous stream of visibility, making your brand a lasting presence in the minds of your target market.


Diverse Formats for Maximum Impact

Our collaboration with NFM allows partners  to present their  insights and thought leadership through diverse formats and channels for maximum engagement. Whether it's through articles, interviews, or features,  you will have the flexibility to choose the format that best aligns with  your brand identity and through which you can convey a powerful narrative about your value proposition.



How to Get Involved

To become an active part of this exciting collaboration, exhibitors and partners of ECOM'21 can reach out to the organizers at Request more information on how to contribute your expertise, extend your reach, and maximize the impact of your content through our partnership with Nordic Fintech Magazine.  Let's make a lasting impact together!