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Join ECOM21, an annual international conference where we aim to build an integral Fintech-and-eCommerce narrative for the 21st century. 

Some of our speakers in 2022

The agenda of ECOM21 draws inspiration from real-world cases as well as understanding the needs and concerns of our customers and partners around the world.

Senior VP, Nordic Sales Lead, Mastercard

Johan Modenius

Ambassador, eBay Baltics

Aivaras Milasauskas

Co-founder, SigningServices

Edgars Stafeckis

CEO & Co-founder, Travel Union

Raman Korneu

Co-founder, Nordigen

Roberts Bernans

VP of Engineering, Meawallet

Dmitry Buzdin

CEO, Salv

Taavi Tamkivi

Director, Cyber & Intelligence solutions, Mastercard

Tanja Wesén

Co-founder, CBDO, Huntli

Lev Bass


Evalds Urtans

Co-founder & CTO, Feeling Stream

Lauri Illison

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Fintech and eCommerce: the two industries are tightly interconnected and increasingly interdependent. This exposes a scope of issues that is far too complex for any narrow-focused conversation to embrace.


ECOM21 welcomes industry experts and business decision makers from a variety of verticals for two days of discussion and networking.

Building a network of meaningful, industry-wide business relationships in a professional and friendly environment.




Why attend?

ECOM21 invites you to discuss, share and define the future of Fintech and eCommerce that has already begun. 

During the three days of the conference we are going to exchange insights, formulate challenges and agree on actionable solutions regarding business operations, tech, regulatory frameworks, and beyond. 

We put equal emphasis on creating every opportunity for the conference to serve as a platform for building a network of meaningful, industry-wide business partnerships in a professional and friendly environment.

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