Victor Dostov President, Russian Electronic Money Association

Dr. Dostov is President of the Russian Electronic Money Association, an organisation representing the largest electronic money operators and money transfer companies in Russia. With a background in management, research and investment in payment technology projects, Victor is one of the leading experts in the field. He advises public bodies on drafting regulation for electronic money in Russia and continues to provide his expertise on the further evolution of the legal framework – especially prudential supervision and AML/CFT issues. He has previously held a position of founding partner in PayCash Group where he contributed to the launch of successful projects both in Russia (Yandex.Money, Beeline mobile commerce, etc) and abroad. Victor is known as an ardent proponent of using hi-tech payment instruments for enhancing financial inclusion and therefore provides his expertise in CGAP, AFI, FATF and Eurasian Group.

Dr. Dostov gives lectures on new technologies and is a frequent speaker at international events. He is also a columnist, and has authored publications on new payment methods. He is a regional author for “Financial Regulation International” (Informa) and a member of an expert board for the Settlements and Transactions in a Commercial Bank Journal.