Sergey Kotyrev CEO, Umi

Sergey is known as a bright figure in Russian IT, regularly participating in IT-events and conferences, being an author of a number of brilliant publications, interviews and courses on internet-marketing and e-commerce.

He has an MBA degree and two degrees in economics and management from the St-Petersburg State Marine Technical University and Stockholm School of Economics.

In 2000, Sergey founded UMI Studio, a web agency that held a leading position in Russians northwest area and gained about 30 professional awards.

In 2007, along with his partners, Sergey founded Umisoft IT-company aimed to produce and support UMI.CMS, a software platform for website development and management. It took only 2 years for the new product to take a position among top Russian CMS platforms. In 2011 Sergey launched – a website builder based on UMI.CMS platform. For today the service has built over 1 mln websites. In 2015 1C company became one of Umisoft shareholders.

Sergey took part in launching several other startups: UMIHOST (a hosting provider), UMI.Cloud (a SaaS-platform), (infoservice).