Sander Gansen Chief Marketing Officer, Shipitwise

Officially, Sander Gansen is Chief Marketing Officer of Shipitwise, leading Shipitwise’s department of marketing and PR. But as The Hustler, he’s also taking care of all the fundraising and investor communication.

Before joining Shipitwise, Sander launched two other startups, QuikTract (on-demand builders) and QuikCamp (on-demand camping), both of which were shut down when Sander realised he wasn’t following his heart when building them.

His past also includes:
* Graduating Draper University in Silicon Valley;
* Doing marketing at Startup Wise Guys accelerator;
* Teaching entrepreneurship & debating in various universities;
* Leading team of 40+ people in network marketing;
* And a lot of blogging, reading & travelling (e.g. backpacking across Europe and living in South Africa).

His motto is: Dream, Risk, Have Fun and Never Regret.