Arnis Libenzons Head of e-Commerce, Tax Control Board, State Revenue Service of Latvia

Arnis graduated from RISEBA (Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration) in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in E-Commerce. The same year, he started working at the State Revenue Service of Latvia (SRS).

Since 2006, Arnis has worked in the area of transfer pricing. Since 2008, he has also done International project management as the designated multilateral project coordinator at SRS of Latvia.

Since 2014, Arnis has been part of OECD’s Task Force on Digital Economy (TFDE), which is a part of the BEPS project.

Since July 2015, he has been part of a 7-person EU wide project group – trainers group – creating training courses and delivering trainings to EU tax administrations in relation to international project management. Since

September 2016 he has also been involved in the EUROFISC group regarding e-commerce.

Since April 18 2016, Arnis has been the Head of the E-Commerce team in the Tax Control Board of SRS of Latvia.