International conference eCom21 program
11th November 2021, Riga, Latvia

8:00 - 9:00 Registration

Keynote Speakers

1st block. Digital Competences: Strategic Outlook

Customer journey: How to build a modern and user-friendly website, blog, and online store with the newest technologies Mozello, Kārlis Blūmentāls
Paid content in the field of free stuff Delfi, Konstantīns Kuzikovs
Lithuania as a FinTech Hub: Why, How and What's Next Bank of Lithuania, Evelina Kvedaravičiūtė
Combination of IT, travel and finance - how to transform banking into a safe, simple, and rewarding experience Travel Union, Raman Korneu

Panel discussion: Customer journey

Ziticity, Laimonas Noreika
Feeling Stream, Lauri Ilison

2nd block. FinTech: Tested by Wirecard

Financial Fraud in the Era of Digitalization Huntli, Lev Bass
How does analytics help prevent fraud? Nordigen, Rolands Mesters
Platform for Raising Stars StartUp Wise Guys

Panel discussion: Future of verification

Veriff, Kaarel Kotkas

3rd block. AI: Tested by AI Experts

The Current State of Commercial AI Max Planck Institute, Dr. Ivan P. Yamshchikov
Eight Steps to Commercialising AI Deloitte, Igor Rodin
What is Supercomputing, and How it Can Benefit Business SuperS, Jānis Bicāns

Stories from 5 AI Industry Players

AI for Building Stronger Customer Engagement, Evalds Urtans
AI for Speaking and Understanding Baltic Languages Tilde, Raivis Skadiņš
AI Engines for Upselling Joom, Yuri Ivanov

Panel Discussion: Using AI for improving customer experience in retail

RIMI Baltic Group, Nikita Strezhnev

Evening Cocktails & Networking

12th November 2021, Riga, Latvia



Case study of using AI engine for AML alert triaging Deloitte
Case study on industry wide AML intelligence sharing platform Salv

AI in Retail

Implementing AI use cases in SAP Hana infrastructure Deloitte
Case study of record breaking personalized promotions engine Logio/Deloitte

The program is preliminary, may be changed in process of preparation

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