International conference eCom21 program
5 March 2020

8:00 - 9:00 Registration

Official Opening

Keynote Speakers

Europe and AI: the case for future European competitiveness President Emeritus of European Council, Herman van Rompuy
The cutting edge of commercial AI: an overview Max Plank Institute, Dr. Ivan Yamshchikov

1st block. Digital Competences: strategic outlook

Building organizational culture and competencies for AI ready organizations ČEZ Group, Daniel Krystof
Is data an asset? How data could be monetized by large business organizations AirBaltic, Jolanta Rema
Case study: using AI and Big Data competencies to expand legacy business MTS, Arkady Sandler

Coffee Break

Panel Discussion: Build an internal start-up or acquire one: how to create an AI-capable organization Deloitte, Pavel Šiška; ČEZ Group, Daniel Krystof; Salto, Raimonds Kulbergs; AskRobin, Agur Jogi

2nd block. AI and e-commerce case studies from financial industry

Powering the security foundation with AI to deliver frictionless, secure payment experiences Visa, Thomas Holt Nielsen
Case - study: AI-Powered Biometrics for Consumer Finance Innovatrics, Donal Greene
Case study: Lithuania - striving to become the best regulatory environment for Global Fintechs Bank of Lithuania, Dovilė Arlauskaitė


Panel Discussion: Future for FinTech and e-commerce SEB, Kārlis Danēvičs; TWINO, Miks Lūsītis; Accuity, Neela Das; Tilde, Kaspars Kauliņš


3rd block. AI and robotics to enhance customer experience in the digital age


How to make global e-commerce trends work for small business? eBay, Ilya Kretov
Technologies that powered clicks-and-bricks customer experience Alibaba Cloud UKI and Nordics, Xuan Jin

Coffee Break

Digital Marketing in B2B. How to boost your B2B sales using the latest tools of paid social marketing. Qmarketing Agency, Roman Kumar Vias
RPA process to enhance customer experience Circle K, Līva Rudzīte - Mičule
AI and modern digital technologies in a leading supermarket chain Maxima Maxima, Viktor Troicin
Panel Discussion: The cutting edge digital tools in customer business eBay, Ilya Kretov; Tribe, Gatis Rozenfelds; Kool, Sandis Šteins

The program is preliminary, may be changed in process of preparation

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