27 October, 2017
Jaroslav Zamullo: legal aspects of business at the conference eCom21
FreeCity published article “eCom21: from Government Control over Cryptocurrencies to Personal Data Protection” in which Head of Legal Department of Rietumu Bank Jaroslav Zamullo tells about the most important tendencies in this field.
17 October, 2017
eCom21 Conference as the World in Miniature - Both Work and Holiday
On the eve of Independence Day, on 16-17 November, the VI International forum on e-commerce issues - eCom21 will be held in Riga. Traditionally, this business conference, which gathers together several hundred professionals from all over the world, is held during the days when this Baltic country celebrates its main public holiday in a bright and festive way. As always, surprises are being prepared for guests of eCom21 - a special ecom programme, beyond the premises of the conference hall. The forum is traditionally held under the auspices of the Latvian bank Rietumu – the regional leader in the field of e-commerce services.
10 October, 2017
E-commerce Professionals From All Over the World Will Arrive to eCom21
The international conference eCom21, to be held in Riga on 16-17 November, will gather several hundreds of e-commerce professionals from all over the world. Applications for participation in the forum have been already submitted by entrepreneurs from neighbouring countries - Estonia, Russia, Belarus - and from other regions. This year, eCom21 also expects participants from the Netherlands, the USA, Great Britain, Japan, Malta, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries.
03 October, 2017
eCom21: Experts of E-Commerce Will Tell Their Success Stories
This year, the eCom21 conference, which will be held in Riga on 16 and 17 November, will host not only widely recognised international companies and world famous experts, but also the most interesting online projects, which are tailored for specific consumers and separate segments or which have unexpected original approaches to quite routine business processes. Leaders of recognised services and young ambitious entrepreneurs will share their success stories and will talk about what innovations helped them and what the obstacles were in their development.
28 September, 2017
eCom21 – Platform for Meeting E-commerce Experts
Among speakers of the eCom21 international conference, to be held on 16-17 November in Riga, will be successful Russian entrepreneurs – e-commerce experts.
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