06 April, 2021
New speaker: Mozello
Kārlis Blūmentāls, CEO at Mozello, will join ECOM21!
06 April, 2021
New speaker: Rimi Baltic Group
What are the keys to a successful end-to-end data-driven transformation? Why do so many companies fail at making the shift from "traditional" analytics to advanced analytics & AI?
06 April, 2021
Happy Holidays
06 April, 2021
New date for ECOM21
In light of the health risks associated with the COVID-19, ECOM21 organizers, DECTA and Deloitte, have made the decision to reschedule the ECOM21 Conference to take place on November 12, 2021, originally scheduled for March 18.
06 April, 2021
Happy Easter
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