Topics of Interest for a Real Business
eCom21 is held in Riga for the sixth year in succession – with the support of Latvian bank Rietumu, which has a reputation of the regional leader in servicing all layers of the e-commerce industry. According to the organisers, their main goal is to make the forum maximally interesting for a real business. Therefore, the focus is laid on practicality, discussions and live informal communication.

This year, it has been reflected in the choice of speakers. Alongside stars of the industry such as, for example, “the founder of bitcoin” – Founding Board Director of Bitcoin Foundation and Chairman of Globitex Jon Matonis, the conference speakers will also be owners of relatively small businesses for the international scale, but who have managed to reach impressive results from practically a zero start.

When preparing the programme, we focused on inviting experts of the industry — those who have a strategic vision and, at the same time, remember how to work with their hands, and who are ready to share their applied experience,” said the Executive Director of eCom21 Ilya Shevchenko.
Who Are These People?
Among such people, he names Timofey Shikolenkov, Director for Marketing and Business Development for Audiomania company. This online store successfully uses its own analytical system, which helps to considerably optimise expenses. But what about the subtleties and nuances of such a non-obvious solution? How successful is such an approach? Timofey will speak about this in Riga in a month and a half. And he is ready to share his ideas and experience for an independent solution to key issues for e-commerce with all who are interested!

In the opinion of Shevchenko, the speech of CEO of Retail Rocket Nikolay Khlebinsky, devoted to trade recommendation personalisation systems, is also expected to be interesting and useful. He will consider the tactics and instruments of big data analysis for online retail business, which are used in his service, in detail.  It is also an interesting fact that, being a Russian product, Retail Rocket is actively developing in Europe, thus it has succeeded in adapting its service to the conditions and the competent landscapes of different countries.

The conference speakers will also be leaders of businesses, which are familiar to almost everybody. For example, Mikhail Osin, Web Applications Director for, will talk about how his platform has increased its conversion during the last two years due to a set of measures - from changing of the assortment to transformations in usability.

For the first time, the Head of ESET in Russia and the CIS, Denis Matveev, will participate at eCom21. According to Ilya Shevchenko,

Last year discussions on the issue of information security, both in the audience and off-stage, showed (and the subsequent events in the world confirmed this) that issues of preventing and combating cyber crimes on the internet must be regularly raised, by discussing options of practical and specific steps for the digital protection of businesses, when considering all aspects of this phenomenon. Therefore, traditionally, we have a section allocated for such discussions.”
Tom Golding, Vice-President of Accuity, will provide his expert opinion regarding counteraction to the legalisation of criminal money by using the AMLD4 and AMLD5 directives as an example, and will consider the influence of enhanced regulation in the European trade area on the market.
Among the guests of the forum, there is also the Head of eBay in Russia and the emerging markets Ilya Kretov, CCO of Yandex.Money Alexander Magomedov, Director of eCommerce for VKontakte Yury Ivanov, founder of the Data Insight research agency Fyodor Virin and many other professionals.
The Key to Success

The cross-cutting theme of the two-day forum is “E-Commerce HD²: Homo Digitalis in High Definition”. The organisers are convinced that an understanding of the needs and wishes of the specific individual, an ability to adapt to them and offer exactly what they need, like and find useful is the main key to success for e-commerce of the future. This is where new technologies help us, allowing us to see this individual customer in really high resolution

For e-commerce today, it is vitally important to put a human being at the centre of the ecosystem,” said one of the speakers of the conference, Head of Sales of the international processing company DECTA Vladimirs Pankratovs.

He emphasises that this issue is especially topical for new developing businesses, which have only started paving the way for them in the global world of e-commerce.

No matter how good you are, there will always be competitors, who are bigger and more popular than you and who are more attractive for the customer due to their name and reputation. Therefore, at the start, everyone has to work more and harder, as, in order to attract and keep the customer, one has to offer them objectively better conditions and more convenient services,” said Pankratovs.
Meeting Others with Pleasure
Such themes, in combination with the creative selection of speakers, will make the conference useful, both to those who are involved in the infrastructural side of e-commerce, financial services and payment systems, and to those who directly sell goods online. And this is regardless of the scale of their businesses - promise the organisers.
Another distinguishing feature of eCom21 is that discussions, new acquaintances and contacts not only take place in the business environment of the day sessions.
At the end of each day, guests are offered an eventful and interesting evening programme, and this year will be no exception. Furthermore, the well thought over organisation of each day, when guests can communicate with each other, meet famous experts in person, as well as potential partners, has become the main visiting card for many of our regular participants. And it is one of the chief incentives for making an entry in one’s day planner, that in mid-November, one has to be in Riga at eCom21,” said Shevchenko.

This year about 600 participants are expected to arrive to the Riga forum and a good half of them will, as always, arrive from Russia.