It has pushed many people to change their lifestyle and shopping habits. It might seem challenging to start an online business. However, all you need is the right tools and information. Let us tell you a few main challenges that businesses are facing: 

1) Customer experience. Yes, that is correct. Even though it's an online store, the customer experience is a game changer. It is important to have user friendly website so that the customer can easily understand what the store is selling, how to search the certain product and how to buy the product. Moreover, we cannot forget that nowadays people have various devices, thus, we need to provide a mobile friendly website to the clients. 

2) Clear checkout process. Having a great product or service is not enough, it is crucial to ensure that the customer proceeds to the checkout and fulfills the payment. Thus, it is important to make this process as easy and clear as possible, integraiting various payment methods. If the customer visits your website for the first time, he might be reluctant to pay. Therefore, make sure that you refurbish your checkout experience. 

3) Inventory management. People have been used to going to the store and having the item immediately. However, some online businesses have found this quite overwhelming. In order to ship and deliver the product or service immediately, you need to put an effort into optimizing you inventory/delivery schedule. It should be connected to the website and it should be easy managable for your team.

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