As of 2021, digital technologies have created an extraordinary capacity for producing and processing data. The organisation of information is no longer an issue – it is about producing digital data and turning everything into data by any means. Deloitte’s survey ‘‘Thriving in the era of pervasive AI’’ showed that company executives have two main goals when implementing AI: making processes more efficient and enhancing existing products. The main area of improvement is usually IT infrastructure, mainly anomalies, automating repetitive maintenance tasks, or guiding the work of support teams.

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Four spheres are expected to get the most out of AI development: manufacturing, wholesale and retail, financial services, and professional services. But what exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is inspired by human intelligence and enables machines to learn themselves – several years ago, AI was more limited by human brainpower, and computer systems performed tasks with deep knowledge and accuracy by learning (the acquisition of information), reasoning (using the rules to reach conclusions) and self-correction. Time has passed, and now AI is both more widely used and understanding of its capabilities and applications is growing day by day.

ECOM21 is one of the biggest Baltic international conferences focused on AI, fintech, e-commerce, and start-ups. Every year the event gathers people from more than 50 countries and various industry experts by providing the opportunity for knowledge sharing through networking.

In the spring of 2020, Asya participated in a start-up lounge at ECOM21 where the young company received a great deal of interest and positive feedback. The event was a huge turning point for the company – the team gained valuable contacts and even received an investment of EUR 250,000 from another ECOM21 participant.

The contacts it established during ECOM21 led Asya products to new AI heights. Within a year, the business optimised its sales and even production processes using Emotions API as well as VoiceID & FaceID API.

More specifically, AI adds intelligence to existing products, achieving incredible accuracy. With help from the most up-to-date technologies, Asya is able to analyse audio and video calls, understand emotions employees bring to bear when responding to customers, analyse employee stress levels, how much attention they get, and how much employees engage in communication with the client, which has led to a 15% increase in the number of deals, a 10% increase in overall business and 30% faster customer service. Furthermore, Asya is currently cooperating with one of the biggest microphone manufacturers in the Baltics in order to develop denoising API – a technology that could clean background noises from audio in real-time using AI. The model will be able to delete noises such as keyboard clatter, traffic noise, crying babies, and other mechanical sounds, which would be very helpful given current remote working challenges.

How long is a year? 365 days. With respect to the human lifespan, this isn’t a long time. However, from a business perspective, a year means 365 opportunities to impact business results. The founders of Asya have used that time to the fullest and their business has grown impressively. ECOM21 is a platform for learning, sharing knowledge, and networking to find the best partners and solutions to boost the growth of your business.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Asya’s success story and many more at ECOM21 2021, which will take place on 12 November in Riga, Latvia. During the conference, you will be able to not only gather new knowledge in the sphere of AI, fintech, e-commerce, and start-ups during keynotes by leading companies such as Alibaba, Veriff, Bank of Lithuania, Delfi Group, Nordigen, and many others but also express your opinions and establish new contacts at the evening networking event. For more information, follow the news on the ECOM21 webpage and social media, and be the first to receive information about tickets available via pre-sale.