However, there are plenty of options for how to make it easy and efficient.

  1. Paylink. It is an easy solution to reduce the required steps to proceed with payment. It is a pre-ready electronic invoice that is sent in the form of a link via e-mail or any other form of personalized message. By clicking the link, all the customer needs to do is fill in the payment card data.
  2. Recurring payments and subscriptions. Many businesses such as gym, phone bill, insurance and others offer recurring payments. Reduce the hassle of entering their card data every time. The same link will be sent each time and all the customer needs to do is approve the payment without entering the data each time.
  3. Clients' details preserved. Once your clients have entered their card details in a payment gateway, they will be able to save time on each transaction or recurring billing. This not only helps attract clients, it also saves you from the hassle of constantly dealing with feedback from customers.


Paylink Payment Plan

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