ECOM21 1
In 2021 the event will take place for already 8th time, and, just as it was before, the main organization roles will be taken on by international payment system DECTA and business consulting company Deloitte Latvia.

The main focus of this year’s ECOM21 will be future technology development: AI, e-commerce, start-up, and FinTech industry professionals will share their knowledge and experience. ECOM21 for seven years in total has gathered 2850 people from 54 different countries.

ECOM21 is an opportunity to learn how to make a more efficient customer journey – starting with the website and customer attraction process till actual product or service delivery – specialists from Alibaba Group, Mozello, Ziticity, and many other industry leaders will take you through their real-life experience journey.

Travel Union will share their experience on how to implement innovative solutions, combining IT, payment functions, and the travel industry to provide the most successful solution for customer needs. Fintech experts will introduce us to novelties in the verification industry, start-up development, and fraud detection. Participation in the ECOM21 Conference has already approved by Lithuanian Bank, Nordigen, Overkill, Sum&Substance, and many other strong FinTech companies.

Julija Litvinova, Head of Marketing at DECTA, says: “Efficiency of the company is a key component to success. Technologies develop fast, which means that in order to make a precise decision, one should evaluate all the aspects. Additionally, the services should be fast and should not require a huge human resource. ECOM21 brings the opportunity to meet with the leaders from FinTech, e-commerce, and AI industries, and learn the most recent updates in technologies."

This year the main topic is AI, where industry experts like Dr. Ivan P. Yamshchikov (Max Planck Institute) and Nikita Strezhnev (Rimi Baltic Group) will explain how to make the right decisions based on data, and how to successfully use AI to solve issues in company processes.

"Nowadays we have the resources of artificial intelligence and data analytics that help us to build a more advanced future for our business. We need to see, learn, and take the provided opportunities to achieve business goals. ECOM21 gives a chance to hear the stories of leading international experts, that allow to look at the future through a distinct perspective – to find inspiration and willingness to act” – Igor Rodin, managing partner at Deloitte Latvia.