14 December, 2020
New speaker: Veriff
Kaarel Kotkas is the Founder & CEO of Veriff– a global online identity verification company that is building infrastructure for the trust that allows any website and mobile application to match the person with a government-issued ID.
10 December, 2020
New speaker: Ziticity
Laimonas Noreika is a CEO & Co-founder of ZITICITY – one of the fastest-growing logistics startups in Europe, which helps merchants to compete with Amazon's dominance by providing affordable same-day deliveries.
07 December, 2020
New speaker: Travel Union
Combining different industries to create innovative solutions? Yes, it is possible.
01 December, 2020
New speaker: DELFI
Konstantins Kuzikovs is CEO of the largest online publishing house in Latvia –
26 November, 2020
New speaker: Mozello
Kārlis Blūmentāls, CEO at Mozello, will join ECOM21!
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