Our regular guests who arrive to eCom21 every year, around a third of all participants, know that the conference is not limited to purely working sessions and panel discussions. A not less important part of the conference is the eventful and varied informal programme of each day,” says Vice-President of Rietumu Bank Anna Panchenko.
As is well known, Riga eCom21 is a platform for business experts, who need not only new and useful information, but also efficient networking, communication, a possibility to exchange opinions, strike up new business acquaintances and find business partners.
Such an event, where like-minded people from all over the world gather, is an ideal place for achieving all of these practical purposes. And we apply all efforts to creating conditions where the participants have good opportunities for communicating in the forum “fields”, where ideas are exchanged, new cooperation opportunities arise and, at times, the foundations of a future business are laid,” emphasises Anna Panchenko.
On the first day, upon completion of the official part, an official reception is scheduled in the recently opened Kempinski Hotel in the very heart of Riga. The elite grand hotel is located in the historical building - at the end of the 19th century the famous Rome Hotel was located there, and in Soviet times the not less prestigious Riga Hotel. Now the building has been fully reconstructed, and its new interior, created by the architect A. Kravets, harmoniously continues the classical traditions of elegant luxury from Kempinski with great artistic taste.

The Last Night of eCom21 will be arranged in a different way. Its main intrigue is kept secret by the organisers, but what is known, is that guests will watch the original interactive show in one of the most unusual halls of the Old Town, located virtually underground - under the City Hall Square, where spectators can also take part.

Preparation of an international conference is hard work, and we start preparing for it practically as soon as the previous conference is completed. We work on a good and eventful programme, which is focused not only on what is important today, but also on what will be important tomorrow.

At the same time, we proceed from the fact that such an event will bring much more benefit when its format is interesting, the environment is engaging, and the interior and the environment - comfortable. To some extent, this is the world, business and the entire life of a human being in miniature, and it is great to work and live, when you do it with pleasure,” concludes Anna Panchenko.
eCom21 is the largest international conference in the field of e-commerce in the Baltic states. It is held annually under the patronage of Rietumu Bank. It is regularly visited by hundreds of participants from the Baltic states, Central, Eastern and Western Europe, CIS countries, Asia and other regions of the world. Every year organisers of the conference invite heads of internationally recognised companies, e-commerce experts and business sharks. Rietumu eCom21 is a platform for discussions on topical issues of e-commerce and an opportunity to establish useful business ties. It is precisely this practical approach that is the visiting card of the conference. The conference is being held under the patronage of Rietumu Bank.
The chief partner of the eCom21 conference this year is the international processing company DECTA. It provides a high-tech service for internet acquiring, processing and issuing of payment cards. It works with banks, payment service providers and corporate clients all over the world. The basic principle of the business philosophy of DECTA is an individual approach to the needs of every client and offer of the best solutions, which are continuously being improved in accordance with changes in the global payment industry.
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